Such an Amazing Night

16 July, 11:29, by Sally

I woke up feeling completely refreshed and happy this morning. I really cannot believe the night I had last night! Everything seemingly went perfect and there was not one moment where I found myself bored or irritated. I can give all this credit to Sheffield escorts. They gave me the most amazing man to go out with and if I ever go through them again, I hope to have him. Half the night we both ended up dancing and making a complete fool out ourselves. The other half we spent talking about the past and how much we missed being young and free. I felt so comfortable around him which made the night so much more memorable. There is nothing like going on a date with someone so special and fun to be around. So far I have bragged to many of my friends about the guy I had been out with and the amazing time that we shared together.


07 April, 03:48, by Sally

Eavesdropping on conversations whilst travelling to and from work on the train has become a habit that I find very entertaining.

The same hour long journey to work every morning, and then back again, used to be so boring and uneventful until I started listening in on other people’s conversations. Before, I used to sit staring out of the window of the train just daydreaming but now I open my ears to the things that are being said around me.

Yesterday, the conversation between two lovers and their plot to run away together was very exciting stuff to listen to.

This morning I sat close to two beautiful young ladies who were apparently travelling from Birmingham to Euston to be become London escorts and start new lives in the city. I wish them all the luck in the world.

Sometimes the conversations that I eavesdrop aren’t always that exciting. I listened to one old lady on Monday tell her friend about her ongoing haemorrhoid problem!

Culinary School Anyone?

19 November, 02:49, by Sally

I came to Nottingham to go to culinary school and experience all the foods France has to offer. Being here has allowed me to further my experience in cooking and have a different outlook on cooking aspects. Last night was the first night I had off from school in awhile, so I decided to make some fun out of the situation. I called the Nottingham escort agency so that way I could have company for my one night off. The girl that came as my escort told me of an awesome club not to far away from the school. So the two of us took a cab to club where we danced and had drinks for a little while. After the club we walked around Nottingham gossiping about the students at my college and how everyone coming to Nottingham at one point dreams of becoming a chef. She made my evening great with her laughter and outlook on the beautiful Nottingham.

Balancing The Books

28 October, 08:45, by Sally

I’m trying to start my own business, but it’s hard. I have to spend a lot of my time on advertising and managing. I know that I will be successful in a few years, but for now I can’t support myself with my personal business. I can’t work a regular job because I’m needed so often to keep things running with my own company. I’ve started working with Geneva escorts to keep my books balanced. I never thought that I’d end up doing this kind of work, but I actually kind of enjoy it. Most of my clients are very nice, and I get paid well for my time. I can pay bills with just a few hours of work per week. I don’t see myself doing this as a career, but for now it’s a great way to keep my head afloat while I’m working on my dreams.